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Muzzle to Muscle was born in 2012 after I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Animal Studies and a Certificate of Canine Remedial Massage. Initially I completed the remedial massage course simply to assist my own dog, who at a young age suffered a spinal trauma. After seeing the dramatic
effects massage had on my own dog, I wanted to be able to share these results with dog owners everywhere! Throughout my veterinary nursing career, I have always had a passion for post operative care, for assisting those with mobility issues, and helping our senior pets have an extended quality of life. It occurred to me that these dogs go through some major surgical procedures with little to no rehabilitation to get them back on their feet, often resulting in poor recovery and re-injury, and our senior pets are often left behind as they age, with their owners relying entirely on medications or feeling that they must say goodbye to their beloved family members all too soon. In such a short space of time, we have had the privilege to work with some amazing patients and see some unbelievable results. We have a strong network of people including veterinary surgeons, orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists and animal behaviourists, who inspire us and guide us in our modes of treatment. It is my passion to assist these dogs who otherwise would have a compromised quality of life, and help get them back on their feet. I am constantly learning and updating my skills, and those of our staff, to ensure that we bring to you the most innovative and up to date products and services.


Hi there,

My name is Laura and I am a veterinarian, originally from Ireland. I have worked in a variety of clinics since qualifying 8 years ago – from farm animal work in New Zealand, to mixed practice work at home, and over the past 4 years, have enjoyed working in small animal clinics in Australia. I have always had a passion for animal welfare and providing the best quality care possible to each of my patients. This has lead me to study animal rehabilitation and physical therapy, which I am enjoying  both incorperating into my daily vet work, but even more so, being able to focus my time and energy solely on rehabilitation techniques at Muzzle to Muscle.  I have a particular interest in post operative care and also the managment of chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis – focusing on bringing as much relief and comfort to these patients as possible, using the many resources available (massage, hydrotherapy, strenthening exercises etc) in combination with appropriate medication as needed.