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K9 Carts (Quotes available on measure after consult) Hand built in the USA, designed and tested by Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons, the K9 Carts dog wheelchair is the product of over 50 years experience by the originators of pet mobility. Convertible Design Every K9 Cart easily converts between two and four wheels for multiple support options within one product. Many pet’s mobility needs will change over time. Our wheelchairs have been designed to make this process readily available to both our Rear and Full Support Wheelchairs. Fully Adjustable – Guaranteed Fit
Carts can easily adjust in height, width, and length, making for a perfect fit; balance is crucial for keeping the spine and limbs in alignment and to promote healing. K9 Carts are the most adjustable wheelchairs on the market today. We guarantee every cart to fit. Perfect Balance K9 Carts are designed to balance perfectly on your pet with no pressure on the shoulders or chest. All of our wheelchairs are designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon to give proper support where needed while promoting the health and mobility for your pet. Comfort & Support Padded foam leg rings and straps made from nylon webbing covered in soft fleece assure your dog is comfortable while in their cart. Rear Support Wheelchair Your pet walks strongly with the front legs Full Support Wheelchair Your pet has some weakness or is unable to walk with the front legs and must be supported in both the front and rear legs. Obese pets sometimes have a harder time adjusting to a cart. This is usually because of their forced period of inactivity. Dragging themselves along the ground is not considered an indication of front limb strength. If your pet is able to walk, when supported with a Handheld Harnesses, this indicates that your pet will probably be able to handle a cart. Use of a cart will help with weight reduction and take the stress and strain off the back and limbs. When fitted with a pet wheelchair most mobility impaired pets, with few exceptions, will tear or walk off in their carts. Their tails will be wagging and there will be a new brightness in their eyes. With an older pet, it is important to think about what your pet wants to do. If they are content to just lay around, and only be taken out for very short periods, you may want to consider our Handheld Harnesses. On the other hand, if they are bright and alert and full of life, despite their mobility problem, a pet wheelchair can provide your pet with an extended, happier, and healthier life. It is extremely rare that a pet will fight or refuse to use a pet mobility chair. Try the towel test to see if your pet will tolerate this type of help. If it walks readily with sling support then it will do well in a cart.


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