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Muzzle To Muscle Drying Coats


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Fantastic for warming and drying you dog. These coats are great for putting on your dog after a bath, a walk in the rain or a swim in the sea, before getting back into the car. The drying coats fit snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly, and as the water is drawn from your dogs fur they warm up a lot quicker. Drying Coats also help protect your walls and furniture from wet/dirty splashes and soggy patches. Protecting your car/home/boat from sand, mud, and soggy doggy damage! Dries your dog knot and tangle free. Keep your dog warm and sofas, bedding and car dry after swimming, dog walks and baths. This dog drying coat is super absorbent and your dog dries while staying warm.

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